10 Random Acts of Kindness

10 Random Acts of Kindness

January 2017 is almost over. While many immediately think of Valentine’s Day when February comes around, did you know that February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day? The 17th is part of a kindness-themed week organized by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation https://www.randomactsofkindness.org , an international not-for-profit group established in the belief that small demonstrations of kindness can, and does, change lives.

While we can all benefit from spreading kindness every day of the year, sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas. So, read on for ten ways to celebrate the beautiful message of February 17th right now, with loved ones and strangers alike!
Leave a note
A handwritten letter is one of the best ways to show appreciation. While you can leave a heartfelt poem or an inspiring quote for your partner or kids, it doesn’t have to be a love note! Why not show the mailman you care with a note in the mailbox? How about a thank-you card for the vet who keeps your pets healthy and happy? You could even leave a card that simply reads, “You are awesome! Have a great day!” on a stranger’s windshield.
Bake goodies for your co-workers
Your colleagues work hard just like you, but sometimes it feels like no one appreciates our efforts. How about taking it into your own hands and offering a sweet pick-me-up to boost morale in the workplace? If you’re pressed for time, are watching your sugar intake, or aren’t exactly a whiz in the kitchen, you can try one of these fast, healthy, and easy treats.


Pay it forward at the laundromat If you’ve ever used the laundromat, you probably know that sinking feeling when you’ve loaded all your clothes into the machine only to realize you forgot change! Even if you have a washer and dryer in your home, stopping by your local laundromat and leaving some quarters on the machine can easily make, or save, someone’s day.
Be the meter fairy
You can also use that spare change in parking meters. It’s easy to frown when you return to your car and find a meter in the red and a ticket under the wipers. Why not play meter fairy and help someone avoid that trouble by dropping a few coins in their expired meter?
Unleash your inner artist
What’s kinder than a handmade gift, especially a surprise one without an obvious occasion? If you love to doodle, draw a cute sketch and leave it for your friend or co-worker. Break out your paints and give an old canvas new life, or knit someone a scarf just because. You don’t have to be Picasso to get creative and show some love by giving a gift straight from the heart.
Give a creative coupon
A fun and cheap (or free!) way to show appreciation for your family is to make your own coupons. Coupons can be for anything from a 30-minute back rub to an at-home movie night complete with popcorn. Hide them around the house where you know your family will find them.
Help someone relax and renew
Our busy lives could all benefit from a little rest and relaxation. What better way to show someone you care with a certificate for a full body massage? Check out Chair Massage Chicago’s services for details: http://chairmassage-chicago.com/services-2/
Show a new neighbor around town
If you’ve ever moved to a new city, you know it can be intimidating and overwhelming. You probably also remember the first person who made you feel welcome; maybe you’re still friends. Strive to be that person for someone new to your town. Offer to help in whatever way you can, whether it’s simply a fun night out to show them your favorite haunts or a tour of the town to get them oriented.
Pay for someone’s coffee
When you’re standing in line at your favorite cafe and someone in front of you reaches for their wallet, surprise them by footing the bill.
Let someone in front of you
In the same spirit, you can let someone go in front of you at a cafe, grocery store, or in traffic. It’s a simple way to remind ourselves that none of us is the center of the universe, and we’re all just trying to get from one place to another safely.
Try one or more of these random acts of kindness today. Perhaps you can challenge yourself to come up with a new one each day until February 17th and beyond! After all, you never know what someone is going through and how a small, random act of kindness could be just what they need.
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