3 Ways Massages Can Increase Productivity in the Workplace

3 Ways Massages Can Increase Productivity in the Workplace


The fast-paced and hectic society we live in today offers numerous demands that push us to become more productive in less time. As a result, the inordinate amount of stress that comes with this obsession to do more and achieve more can take a toll on our wellbeing. Because of these pressures, people have become more stressed, anxious, and burnt out than ever before. The work/life balance may be skewed.

There are some ways to counter this; by finding and engaging in relaxing activities, as well as cutting back on the obligations that give us the most stress. What better way to deal with physical stress-related issues than with chair massage therapy?

Here are 3 Ways Massage Can Increase Productivity:

Circulation Improvement. A major benefit of chair massages includes the improvement of circulation. The biological functions of the body hinge upon the circulation of blood and oxygen, and massages work to ease the constant tension and blockage that develops from habitual sitting, standing or repetitive movement. Seated massages tend to make functions – such as the passing of oxygen into the bloodstream – more ineffective. Symptoms of assuming one position for a long period of time include cold feet and hands. Massage therapists with different techniques help to counteract those issues by loosening the knots that have developed through the body and therefore, improving circulation.
Physical Improvements. A major part of being on the job in one assumed position means that your range of motions and activity are generally limited. This lack of movement will create knots in certain muscle groups that are both overworked and underworked. The obvious remedy is to get up every once and a while or go somewhere to relax – or at the very least – stretch and do breathing exercises. This tactic often gets pushed to the backburner, as work duties drown out the obvious, yet necessary details. 10/15 min chair massage can be booked by those who tend to miss out on intermittent resting time. People who frequently get massages have a better time moving than their non-de-stressing counterparts and this difference shows up in levels of productivity before long.
Emotional Wellbeing. A relaxed body is a happy body, and this is true for your mind, as well. By allowing your body to release tension and improve circulation physically, this can also improve your mental state of mind. You will be able to think more rationally and may even find the time you spend with the massage therapist a great way to “clear your head”, which can help you feel more organized, relaxed and able to face the mounding work ahead of you.
As with many things, there is a cost if equilibrium is not maintained consistently. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychic damage that comes from work-related stress will not be worth the risks in the long run and will do significant damage on your output and productivity. Finding ways to maintain this balance is crucial and one of the best ways is through frequent massages. Talk to your Human resource manager how to brink chair massages into your workplace and watch your and your coworker well-being and productivity sky-rocket.

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