7 Essential Oils to Enhance Your Massage, and What They Do

7 Essential Oils to Enhance Your Massage, and What They Do

Essential oils are a must in massage therapy. A massage does not just soothe your aches and pains. It’s been used to promote overall health and well-being.
A great essential oil can make for a relaxing massage experience. You can’t have one without the other. In massage therapy, essential oils are combined with essential oil carrier oils that are easily absorbed into the skin without smelling too strong or burning you.
Here are some of the best essential oils used for massaging due to their relaxing and helpful properties.
This essential oil is one of the most popular since it’s so relaxing. It reduces pains, encourages sleep, and increases relaxation.
This essential oil has a spicy citrus scent to it. However, it can help relieve depression, improve mood, and fight food addictions.
Those who meditate and do yoga love using peppermint. It stimulates the mind, and promotes increased breathing and focusing.
Most people drink warm lemon water every morning. That’s because lemon boosts the immune system, promotes weight loss, fights colds, combats acne/oily skin, and fights feelings associated with depression or fatigue.
Like lavender, geranium essential oil is known for its relaxing and calming properties. This makes this the ideal oil to use in massage therapy.
Many massage clients love using this essential oil. It’s said to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, or digestive problems.
This essential oil is essential in the winter since it’s said to fight colds. It can also rid of germs, sinuses, and chest congestion.
Tea Tree
This is one of the most popular essential oils to use on the skin. It’s used to treat most skin conditions such as acne, athlete’s foot, cold sores, dandruff, dermatitis, insect bites, and more.
Chamomile is so soothing that it’s often drank in tea. As an essential oil, it can be used to rid of most skin problems such as acne, dermatitis, cuts, bruises, eczema, dermatitis and dry skin.
This essential oil is obviously uplifting and citrusy. It can be used to reduce migraines or tension headaches, acne, cellulite, and oily skin or hair.


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