Can Chair Massages Relieve Headaches?

Can Chair Massages Relieve Headaches?


Is the juggling act of work, family and countless obligations wearing you down? Enough to cause frequent headaches? A nice massage session is the perfect solution, yet many people find it hard to fit into a busy schedule. Our Chair Massage Chicago service makes it ultimately convenient to fit into most any hectic lifestyle. Relief is on its way!

Headaches can happen for many reasons. Fatigue, stress, dehydration or strenuous activities can trigger a painful and annoying, persistent headache. Frequent headaches can also be caused by a low immune system, but no matter the cause, there is no question that a headache can impede productivity. So, how does a massage help?

5 Ways Massages Ease Headaches

Stimulates and Regulates Hormones. Cortisol is the “stress” hormone, and massages help to pacify or alleviate the levels of cortisol, while also stimulating the nervous system and increasing endorphins. These all work together to provide relief or elimination from headaches.

Relieves Body Stiffness. Prolonged sitting or standing can tie your muscles up in a knot or lock your joints in uncomfortable positions. The body then has to use other muscle regions to compensate, which overworks unnecessary muscle groups and underworks necessary ones. This compensation leads to a host of postural problems and general body stiffness. A chair massage is convenient as you can get a massage while on a work break or at other convenient times.
Blood Circulation. When circulation is not flowing properly from the brain to certain areas of the body, this can wreak havoc. One cause of a headache is the lack of oxygen reaching the cardiovascular system, which can naturally make your brain “hurt”, also. A session in the massage chair will help you maintain reclaim the equilibrium your body desperately needs.
Frequency of Treatment. Consistency is key to your health and wellbeing, so the more often you seek Chicago chair massage services, the better your body – and your brain – will respond.

Lessens Pain Associated with Headaches. By massaging the “trigger points” of a headache, the sufferer can effectively lessen the pain of a headache. This is because the irritable tissue releases the tension and allows better blood flow throughout the body.
Everyone likes a good massage. The feeling of your muscles and joints decompressing during a chair massage ( or full body massage session) is a unique experience. Migraines and headaches can be significantly reduced for better mental health, increased productivity and clarity. The increase in blood circulation, the decrease in body tension and stiffness, and frequency of treatment means you have a significant edge regarding output and general wellbeing. Do yourself a favor and invest in a massage today, because the return on investment is exponential! Contact us at 312-719-0603 and learn more about our mobile massage services in Chicago. We can bring the massage therapy to you!

ChairMassage-Chicago by TherapyPro, Inc. is a premier massage services company specializing in providing soothing chair massage services to companies in the Chicagoland area. Both our quality and skills are well displayed at our multiple spa locations in hotels and health clubs in downtown Chicago. All of our message therapists are fluent in the art of our giving seated massages as well as both licensed and insured in the state of Illinois.
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