Can the Secret to Improved Skin Elasticity be Found Through Massage?

Can the Secret to Improved Skin Elasticity be Found Through Massage?

You’ve tried all the creams and quick fixes to rid yourself of wrinkles and other signs of aging, but nothing really seems to work, does it? You also don’t like the idea of having a surgical procedure to turn back the clock to a more youthful state, do you? Fortunately, there is another option for those seeking the fountain of youth…massage.
The Fountain of Youth Found: How Massage Can Turn Back the Hands of Time for your Skin
It’s true! Studies have shown massages can help turn back the clock of time, while you do something you enjoy and can benefit from in other ways, too! Here is how it works:
Massage naturally improves circulation. It also helps eliminate waste from cells. Over time, cellulite will start to leave the cells (more on that in a minute). Lactic and uric acids contained in muscle cells will start to leave the body with improved circulation.
Oxygen is increased to cells throughout the body, giving you more energy all around.
Collagen, the protein in your body which helps keep your skin tight and firm is boosted through healthy eating. Let’s face it, we all know you don’t feel like eating junk after a healing massage. Your improved circulation will keep vital nutrients flowing freely to the cells.
As the skin is gently massaged, the skin is exfoliated, removing dead skin cells and allowing them to be replaced with beautiful, healthy, new, youthful skin.
Gentle massage on the face can reduce puffiness and refines the pores, for tighter, healthy looking skin.
Your appearance will be more relaxed because as you relieve tension your muscles relax.
Overall immunity improves because the systems in your body, such as the lymphatic system, can drain and combat auto-immune diseases. Some of these can include psoriasis and rosacea.
Gentle massage under the eyes can remove long lasting discoloration.
Combining massage with a healthy diet is believed to help remove cellulite over time. Committing to healthy eating is something you have been meaning to do anyway, right?
Because massage is relaxing, you will feel better and omit a healthy glow about you!
Of course, there are many more benefits to massage, but finding the fountain of youth is a great one! Invest in your self, call our office at 312-719-0603 to learn more about our wide range of massage services in Chicago, and beyond. Our licensed and insured massage therapist team is ready to assist individuals and large groups.


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