Pamper Athletes with a Chair Massage

Pamper Athletes with a Chair Massage

It used to be marathon runners, cyclists and other athletes would get to the finish line, receive their participant medal and – in some cases – stand in a long line to have their post-race photo taken. If they were lucky, there would also be volunteers on hand, passing out bottles of water and energy drinks, or maybe a banana.

In the last few years, races have gotten splashier, thanks to keen race organizers who saw opportunities for increased race fees by way of friends and family ticket sales. A growing trend is to throw post-race parties. Such soirees have included free beers, live bands and plenty of food.

Newer to the race scene are chair massages. This applies both to bicycle races and marathons, but triathlons are also great opportunities for chair massages. These mobile, post-race massages help athletes by relaxing tired muscles in arms, legs, back and neck, as well as having full body benefits. Chair Massage by Therapy Professionals in Chicago can attend these live races and offer the mobile massages both to the fans, as well as the athletes.

“Having a chair massage immediately after the race really helped me,” said Monica, after finishing her third half marathon. “Because of an extra project at work, I didn’t really have the time to prepare for this race like I normally do. The massage therapist knew just the right muscles to work on; thanks to her I was not sore at all the following day!”

Race organizers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from offering the services of licensed massage therapists. Nearby restaurants can hold a special ‘Happy Hour’ for racers by offering beer and appetizer specials. Free chair massages at the entrance give patrons something to do while they wait for a table and it also helps to draw crowds. Hotels that are hosting athletes can also offer post-event chair massages as an incentive for racers to book rooms with them. They can even set aside a room for athletes who would like to book full body massages.

Want to capitalize on the next marathon or other sporting event? Contact Chair Massage Chicago by Therapy Professionals today at 312-719-0603 and we’ll get you started. We can also offer suggestions on how you can raise money at any type of fundraising walk, race or athletic event through our mobile chair massage services in Chicago. We travel, too!

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Chair Massage by TherapyProfessionals  after Bank of America Marathon in Chicago.

After finishing Bank of America Marathon in Chicago chair massage feels great! 

ChairMassage-Chicago by TherapyPro, Inc. is a premier massage services company specializing in providing soothing chair massage services to companies in the Chicagoland area. Both our quality and skills are well displayed at our multiple spa locations in hotels and health clubs in downtown Chicago. All of our message therapists are fluent in the art of our giving seated massages as well as both licensed and insured in the state of Illinois.
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