The 7 Differences Between a Chair Massage vs. Table Massage

The 7 Differences Between a Chair Massage vs. Table Massage


When you picture yourself getting a massage, you usually think about laying on a warm table, covered in a blanket. Did you know you can get a great and effective chair massage?
Here are seven differences between chair massage and table massage so you can learn more about which one works best for you!
Purpose: Table massage offers a deep relaxation for the entire body. It is a good way to work on problem areas and engage in long term therapy. Chair therapy focuses mainly on the back, arms, neck, and shoulders, providing a quick fix to relieve stress and tension to get you through the day. A chair massage also offers a quick energy boost to power through a tough afternoon or continue a shopping trip.
Time: A table massage will usually last from one hour to an hour and a half, focusing on the entire body. A chair massage will typically last 15-20 minutes, though can be as little as 10 minutes or long as 30 minutes. This allows for the therapist to focus on problem areas. Longer chair massages may include the arms and fingers, scalp, and advanced stretching techniques.
Location: A traditional table massage usually takes place in a spa or clinic, though some traveling therapists will bring a table to the client. Chair massages can happen anywhere with room for a chair. Often chair massage is offered at conventions, offices, employee appreciation events, parties (bridal or baby showers), pop up events, and more.
Setting: Table massage needs a quiet setting where the client can disrobe and relax peaceful. Music is often used to aid in relaxation. For a chair massage, just about any place a chair can be set up away from everyone else will work. In an office setting for example, a break room,hallway or converence room will work well.
Benefits: A table massage allows for deep relaxation for both the mind and body. There is time at the end of the massage to slowly come back to the real world, moving out of the state of deep relaxation. In chair massage, the setting and time allowed usually leave the client feeling energized and upbeat.
Preparation: With table massage, there are several preparations necessary to start the massage. Towels, lotions, oils, and bed linen all need to be ready for the client, along with an open, dedicated room. With chair massage, there is little preparation other than setting up the chair. There are no oils, lotions, towels, or linens used. Clients can stay fully clothed.
Cost: There is a cost difference in table massage and chair massage. While table massage is charged per session, chair massage is charged is usually charged by the minute. Also table massage requires more preparation, materials, and a physical room dedicated to just massage increasing the cost. With chair massage, the preparation is minimal, and no outside products are necessary, keeping the cost low. Thats why chair massage is great for groups, events or any other corporate (or personal) gatherings.
These are the major differences between table and chair massage. If you are ready to try a chair massage (or table massage), for more info give us a call at 312-719-0603 or use the “Contact” page to send us inquiry.

ChairMassage-Chicago by TherapyPro, Inc. is a premier massage services company specializing in providing soothing chair massage services to companies in the Chicagoland area. Both our quality and skills are well displayed at our multiple spa locations in hotels and health clubs in downtown Chicago. All of our message therapists are fluent in the art of our giving seated massages as well as both licensed and insured in the state of Illinois.
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  • Foot Massager

    Undoubtedly, apart from cost, differences between these two massagers are crystal-clear. However, one thing is guaranteed irrespective of you choose, that is friendly and healthy massage with utmost technique. I can now stand straight, thanks to these two massagers. I’m a living testimony and would recommend them to anyone in need of great deep tissue and extra care. You will never get disappointed.

  • Melissa

    Thankyou for sharing your points on chair massage! I do chair and table massage. My clients personally love the tabke more! I agree with them !❤

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